Hot Octopuss Metal Nipple Pegs Review

Hot Octopuss lately launched a new collection of adult products. Instead of manufacturing different styles of penis masturbator or vaginal & clitoral vibrators, the team have produced an exciting selection of BDSM gear. I was lucky enough to be offered some of these bondage playthings to review here at the Cara Sutra intercourse blog. I chose the buckskin wrist cuffs, the 4-item pinwheel set, and the item I’m reviewing here today: the Popular Octopuss Steel Nipple Pegs.

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Outer product packaging for the post has been discreet and safe as constantly from Hot Octopuss, as the Hot Octopuss Steel Nipple Pegs themselves came within a black, branded, drawstring pouch. Simple but useful – maintaining them in the storage space bag between uses indicates I won’t end up losing one or both in the shameful mess of my bedside drawer.

The Hot Octopuss Steel Nipple Pegs are just so nice! They’re small more than enough to become classed as adorable, while getting chunky plenty of to be conveniently found and used. I really like the silvery shine of the steel metal material.
By the way, ‘pegs’ are usually what we call clothespins within the united kingdom. Nothing related to strap-on pegging, that is an entirely different issue…

We was looking towards offering these steel nipple pegs a go. I’m a big lover of nipple clamps, but have discovered that most are either too tame or as well eye-wateringly painful. Furthermore, I very much prefer individual clamps to those which are connected via a chain, therefore i can have just one or both nipples clamped when i desire. Nipple clamps which could be used beneath clothing during the day would be ideal.
Would these be my Goldilocks set?

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Unfortunately, the design of these nipple clamps mean they are not compatible with my nipples. I can’t speak for busty cougar videos anyone else, certainly, as everyone’s nipples are different. Maybe my nipples are simply extra flat rather than pointed enough for this type of clamp. I felt certain, before make use of, that the Warm Octopuss Metal Nipple Pegs would be fantastic, but was ultimately disappointed when I came to hook them up to and couldn’t get them to attach to my own body.

Although the peg clamps are small in proportions, the design means they’re pretty chunky. Also, the clamping end of each clamp has two ‘lips’ of diverging metal before the metal in fact meets additional back in the peg shape. This helps it be very difficult if not difficult for me to obtain a good grasp of my nipple with each one of the Hot Octopuss Metal Nipple Pegs.